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Pokemon Porn Story: the secreat life of ash ketchum

Pokemon Porn Story: the secreat life of ash ketchum

Chapter 2 – There’s no Imitation

Although his first time with Misty was a very good memory, it wasn’t Ash’s only experience back in his home region of Kanto. He would never forget that night; if it wasn’t for Misty being around, he would probably be with that girl right now.

That girl was Duplica, sole member of the Imite House. She lived among dozens and dozens of various costumes the girl would use for her stage shows. She seemed to have a costume of anyone she met; how she did this seemed impossible, but that must’ve been one of her charms. When Ash and his friends first met her, she was somehow dressed exactly like Ash – It took a Pokemon battle to reveal her true self. Although Ash had to hide it from his friends, it was love at first sight.

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