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Ash was sodomisade for a gym leader to have sex (violated)

Pokemon Hentai

This post deals with only teen characters from Pokemon cartoon and involve them in all sorts of bizarre scenes ;) Hot love-juice-soaking piece of calico and displays the truly unique abilities in slamming her ass down… Is it possible to be fed up with Pokemon porn first-class and pranks that will leave you breathless induce your pussy-wanting dick ;)

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Pokemon Porn Story: "Dawn the Pornstar"


The spotlight shone in Dawn’s eyes and she brought her arm up to shield them. Squinting through the glare into the middle distance, she could barely make out the figures of nine, maybe ten people, standing, sitting, and no doubt looking at her. There were other shapes there, too – not human or Pokémon. Two of them were tall, ending in glowing yellow-white discs. They were the spotlights, she could see that now, and they were pointing directly at her. There was a long, fuzzy thing on a stick, like a Diglett – a boom mike. So that meant the other two things she could make out were video cameras… and they were also looking directly at her.

Was… Was she… on TV?

Dawn’s mouth dropped. She was on TV! It had to be true! That was what the man had said, after all: that she would be a star!

She smiled widely and her eyes twinkled. She was going to be a movie star!

Her mind wandered to her big day – the premiere of her first movie. She was the star and she was climbing out of the limousine onto the red carpet, dressed in a long, elegant dress – her beanie had been left at home, letting her hair fall down as excited photographers took pictures of their newest celebrity. They told her how beautiful she looked, and how stunning and refined. And there was her Mom, looking so proud, with Ash and Brock and Pikachu beside her, waving her on… Brock and Mom were standing a little too close for her liking. What was going on there? Never mind. With Piplup at her side, Dawn swept down the red carpet to cheers and salutations…

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Dawn’s Slutty Escapade Ch.2

Chapter 2

She pulled Dawn in for a deep, erotic kiss and grabbed her ass, sliding a finger in and wiggling it around.

Dawn decided to play along; she’d pleasured five guys since the day started and not a single girl, something she always wanted to try. She returned the favor, taking a handful of Tina’s ass.

Dawn and Tina had very different bodies, though both very alluring. Dawn’s slender, small-breasted form lay in direct contrast to Tina’s fuller, curvy form; the perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts were much larger, more than a handful, and her ass was fuller and softer, compared to Dawn’s toned, firm buttocks.

The two slowly leaned onto a table, writhing and running one hand through each others’ hair and down their backs as the other hand lodged a finger into the other’s ass.

The class stopped studying and reading as they watched in awe at the unprompted girl-on-girl action right before their eyes. Several began shouting for them to take their clothes off, others calling to each 69, and a few pulling their dicks out and asking if they could join.

But the girls were far too occupied to even discern the overlapping shouts as they focused on each other. Dawn had since pulled away and opened Tina’s shirt, kissing and sucking and licking her breasts as she continued to violate Tina’s nether regions with now two fingers.

Tina moaned, dry-humping Dawn’s torso as the girl serviced her breasts. “Oh yeah, lick my tits you little slut!” Tina cried as she ran her hands through Continue reading

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Dawn’s Slutty Escapade Ch.4

Chapter 4: Getting Roark’s Rocks Off

“Lucky this lake was here,” Dawn said, scrubbing her body with some leaves. Slowly, the cum washed off her body, and it quickened as the thick Rhydon’s load that topped it all off washed into the lake.

Along the lake’s edge, her pokemon relaxed and frolicked. Even Piplup seemed better.

“Oh, come on, Dawn,” Bidoof said. “It would have been great to see you walk naked into the Pokemon center, covered in cum, and asked if you could use a shower.”

“Yeah,” Dawn laughed. “Still, I think I’m better off not.”

“So what now?”

“Now,” she climbed out of the lake and took a towel, “We continue on through to Oreburgh and challenge Roark.”

“Care for a quick fuck before we go?”

Dawn shot him down with a playful glare. “Maybe later. But I’m done for now.”

Dawn emerged from the Oreburgh Gate, rejuvenated and relieved to again see the sun. She took a breath of fresh air and began down the short road to the city.

On the outskirts, a few more trainers looking to prepare for the local gym challenged Dawn, but her team creamed them all. Aside from Trey, she’d won so all her matches that morning and her Pokemon were stronger than the competition. She felt good as she went into the town, dropping by the pokemon center for some rest and lunch.

With her stomach full and her pokemon rejuvenated, she began her trek to the gym, whispering words of encouragement to herself as the gym grew.

It grew as she approached, the sight more and more glorious as she climbed the steep hill. She was going to do it, she was going to-

Markus, running up the other side of the hill, hit the peak when Dawn did, Continue reading

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Dawn’s Slutty Escapade

Chapter 1

“No, Markus, shut up,” Dawn told her talkative, blond-haired friend. She wore a blue and purple dress that ended halfway down her thigh and purple knee-high boots with blue socks as they walked along Lake Verity.

“What?” he asked, doing a double-take, looking at his companion with surprise.

“I don’t want to look for some red Pokemon that won’t be here.” She walked toward him. “I brought you here so we can have some fun.” She pushed him onto the ground. “And intend to have it.” She dropped onto her knees next to him, unzipping his jeans and taking his hardening dick into her hand. “Don’t you want that, too?”

“Oh, definitely!” Markus said as Dawn leaned over it, licking his head softly as her hand pumped up and down with a painfully slow rhythm. She sped up as she sunk her head deeper, taking in more and more of his young cock.

“Oh, Dawn!” he said as he put his hand on her head, edging her on as she shifted her hand to the base of his dick and began bobbing her head on his length.

Dawn closed her eyes as she continued her service on her friend, alternating between long, heavy licks on his length and quick, soft brushing. She kept a steady rhythm as he tried in vain to guide her.

“Dawn, keep going, I feel like-Oh, DAWN! Markus screamed as he bucked forward into her mouth, hitting his orgasm. He rarely masturbated and his jackpot certainly rose; he easily filled Dawn’s mouth with his thick, white cum, which she gladly Continue reading

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