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Gardevoir the Slavemon

Somewhere near Hoen, theres a colony of Ralts Kirlias Gardevoirs and Gallades and they live on a mountain surrounded forest. The reason they live here is becose its peacefull and the mountains give alot of dawnstones so that male Kirlias dont have to evolve to a Gardevois but they can with out worrying turn to Gallades. Not only this but there isnt eaven people here to catch them.

On a peacefull day, only 4 months ago evolved beatiful (and big breasted) Gardevoir was taking a walk in a small forest canyon. She was happy and full of life since her boy friend had just asked her to marry him they were about to get engaged tomorrow. Her idea was to go to a small pond that was in middle of the forest to play with small water pokemons (whos good friend she was) and enjoy its beauty. On her way she saw most beautifull flower she had ever seen in her life. When she tryed to pick it a bell rang. She quickly noticed a string on the flowers stalk and she realised it was a trap. A net springed from the ground and trapped her hanging from the bag. She yelped for help (since she didnt know how to use teleport anymore) but then heard foot steps from behind her. In front of her she saw a 2 meters tall Blaziken looking at her with a meanlooking grin.
– Plz mr. can u help me from this net i beg of u? Gardevoir asked from the fire pokemon with puppy eyes.
– A trapped Gardevoir asking help to get out, from the person who trapped her in the 1st place. Amuzing. Blaziken said and took a grip of the net and reached to her boobs and squeesed them making her moan a lil.
– Let go off me! and wha Continue reading

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My partner the Gardevoir

‘Way to go, Gardevoir!’ I shouted as her Psybeam knocked down my opponent’s Machamp. The muscled Pokйmon was sent flying, and then he hit the ground. Lumps of the moist ground moved as the huge body landed.
‘Gardevoir!’ she said happily. Then she looked at me again. I always saw how similar to a woman she was. Her anatomy was almost the same, what made her really interesting. I could not help myself but to think Gardevoir was the missing link between Pokйmon and human.
‘Well done’ my opponent said to me after he withdrew his Machamp. ‘You’ve raised your Gardevoir well. I’ve never seen such a strong Gardevoir as her. Do you want to trade it?’
‘Off course I won’t!’ I replied immediately. Gardevoir wasn’t just my Pokйmon; she was also my best friend. Our bond was unbreakable. No way that I would even think about replacing her. Since the moment I got her, we can even communicate by thoughts. Why would I do something as horrible to her as trading her?
‘Trade me’ Gardevoir’s voice said in my mind. ‘When you got his Pokйmon, I’ll teleport back to you.’
‘No, I can’t do that. That would be stealing. No, you are the only Pokйmon I want.’ I saw that she was blushing. At least, I thought I saw her blushing, but she turned away her head before I could see it clearly.
‘…Thank you’

It started raining, so Gardevoir and I ran to the nearest Pokйmon Centre. Gardevoir insisted on teleporting, but she lost too much strength in the last battle. She thought she could handle it, but I had to stop her from exhausting herself any more.
We were soaking wet when we arrived at the Pokйmon Centre in the centre of the city. Panting we walked in, leaving a track of rain. We headed to Nurse Joy, who was checking something on her computer.
‘I’m sorry to bother you’ I said. ‘But can we borrow some towels?’
The pink-haired lady looked at me and my Gardevoir, who stood next to me. She told us to wait where we were, and she disappeared to get some towels. It took not mu Continue reading

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Sexy Gardevoir lays on her back and takes it from the trainer.

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