Pokemon Pornography Story: POKECEST Two: Misty

Pokemon Pornography Story: POKECEST Two: Misty

Misty and Ash were almost ready for their pokemon adventure but they both needed a pokedex and Misty needed a pokemon, Ash already had Pickachu. So they went to the Professors office. He gave everyone their first pokemon, but strangely for free, anyway, they steped in. Ash, Misty, what took you so long? Asked the professor. Ash and Misty smiled at each other remembering what just happened with ashs mom. Ash took a long time packing. Said Misty. The professor nodded and continued talking, Misty youll probably want your first pokemon, Misty nodded enthusiastically. But first Ill need to give you and Ash your pokedexs. The professor handed them both a pokedex. Ash, why dont you play with your pokedex a bit and Ill give Misty her pokemon in the other room. The professor took Mistys hand and guided her to the next room. Why do you give out pokemon for free? Misty asked, but not really wanting to know the answer right now, she was too exited about her new pokemon. Well, not really for free, said the professor. Did you notice how the ugly people didnt get pokemon? He asked. yeah. Misty replied as if she never thought about it. Well, its not really free. You see Misty Im a lonely man. I have needs. said the professor. Misty looked at him confused. Well you see, to get a pokemon you have to make me happy, very happy. Misty finally understood. The professor pulled down his pants to reveal an un erected dick that was still quite big on its own. Misty knelt down and covered the dick and ball sack with her mouth and sucked on the greying pubic hairs. The dick became bigger as Misty sucked harder. At the same time Misty put her hands on the Professors wrinkly ass. She thought it was a bit disgusting but she was going to do anything to get a pokemon. The professors dick became to big to fit in Mistys small mouth so she began to slowly jerk the dick and lick the bottom of his ball sack. Your doing great Misty Im almost ready to jizz. Misty jerked harder with one hand, massage his balls with another and sucked the tip of his dick in a desperate attempt to make him jizz all over her face so she could get that pokemon. Before long the professor moaned and hot cum ran down Mistys throat. mmmm, I did it! Misty yelled licking her lips. yes, that was the best one in years! Go choose your pokemon. The professor gave her a pokemon and she went to chose her first pokemon. It took her 15 minutes to finally make up her mind, Staryu. A water starfish pokemon. what took you so long? Asked Ash. Misty smiled. Oh you know girls, we always take our time. Ash nodded agreeing. Yeah well I was wanking like mom said. ash said. Misty kissed him on the cheek and they left. Come back anytime Misty. Said the professor. Misty smiled cheekily. So how did you get Pickachu? Asked Misty. My mom got it for me. Replied Ash. Misty laughed.

They were finally off on their pokemon journey. Many adventures lie ahead, many friends and enemies to meet. (And maybe fuck.)

The End

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