Dawn’s Slutty Escapade – Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Hittin’ the Streets of Jubilife

“That was incredible,” Dawn sighed, meeting Tina’s tongue with her own. She lay on the older girl, their hands slowly treating the other’s pussy. Through the window of their room in the Pokemon center, the sun began to creep, casting rays of light on their young, enticing forms.

“Definitely. That was the best night of my life,” Tina said, breaking her kiss with Dawn and continuing it with each word.

They arrived at the Pokemon center early the previous evening, splitting the cost for a private room with a queen-sized bed (only the large, multi-bunk rooms were free). The moment they hit the room, they dropped their stuff and continued from where they left off in the trainer school. They fell asleep quite early in the night, the dildo buried in both their snatches, only to continue when they rose early in the morning.

Dawn said, “I think I need a shower.” Sunlight continued to fill the room, the sweat glistening on their bodies, accentuating the sight of the two young teens in erotic embrace, had anyone seen what they shared in private.

“I think we need a shower.”

With that, the two shared a smile and pulled away, racing quickly to the bathroom.

scene break

“Keep going Dawn, keep going!” Tina cried as she bucked her hips, driving her soapy pelvis forward as Dawn ate her out. She leaned against the shower wall, one leg over Dawn’s shoulders, frantically kneading her breasts. The water continued to rush onto her writhing, soap-covered body, lightly massaging the rest of her body as Dawn worked her magic.

On her knees, Dawn held onto Tina as she ran her tongue in and along and through her wet, hot snatch. Her free hand held fast her beloved dildo, which slid deep and furiously into her warmth, the ripples and bumps tantalizing her inner walls. Tina’s moans and words mingled with the sound of the shower, so intermingled in her ears that she couldn’t tell the difference.

Tina began to moan louder and longer. Her hands massaged her breasts with burning passion as he thrust faster into Dawn’s eager face. “Come on, Dawn, I’m going to cum! Make my slutty pussy cum all over your pretty little face!” she moaned, throwing her head against the wall as she felt her umpteenth orgasm since she met Dawn.

Dawn renewed her effort on Tina’s command, driving her tongue deeper and taking longer licks as Tina’s legs began to quiver against her body. “Yes, Dawn! I’m cumming! Taste me, Dawn, taste me like the little whore you are!” she heard, overpowering the sound of water. She very well knew someone else may have heard it, but she no longer cared as she Tina’s juices hit her tongue. She abandoned her pattern and stopped caring about getting Tina off as her tongue sought to taste more

of Tina. Her hand drove the dildo deeper and faster into her. She pounded the plastic cock deep into her young tight pussy, intent on getting off as she enjoyed Tina’s juices.

Tina sighed against the wall, her upper body quivering every so often as Dawn still pleasured her beyond her orgasm. Her hands no longer tended to her tits, now

hanging at her sides as she calmed down. The water, by now, had washed all the soap off her body. “Dawn, let me finish you off. Back off for a sec.”

Dawn reluctantly pulled herself away from Tina’s snatch and did as commanded, taking the dildo out of her pussy with a sigh and handing it to the older girl, watching

to see what she’d do.

Tina smiled, sliding down the shower wall so she lay on the shower floor. “Sit on my face, Dawn, and tell me that you love me.”

Dawn let out a chuckle, getting down and straddling Tina’s face.

Tina gave Dawn a long lick, letting her get into the swing of things before surprising he, sinking the dildo deep into her ass in one quick thrust.

Dawn squealed as she felt the dildo probe her ass deeper than she’d ever taken before. It was more than a little uncomfortable, but once Tina began what she had to

have had a magic tongue to perform. She began to sigh, adjusting to the size as Tina serviced her.

The older girl, ensuring the dildo wasn’t too deep or too shallow, she let go of the handle, leaving it still in Dawn’s pert ass and grabbing hold of her cheeks, massaging

them as she had her breasts earlier. Still, her main focus was Dawn, who rode her face faster and harder as her orgasm built.

Dawn drove her waiting pussy desperately into Tina’s face, dirty talking Tina between breaths and so fast that even she didn’t know what she was saying. She felt her

orgasm intensifying as Tina did the deed, augmented by the dildo buried deep in her ass. Bucking faster, moaning louder, everything built and intensified as she felt

the orgasm tearing her apart on impact.

“Yes, Tina! I’m cumming! I love you!” she wailed so loud there was no someone didn’t overhear, assuming anyone didn’t.

Tina repayed the favor, licking Dawn’s juices, though they came faster and in greater volume than her own. Sweeter, too.

Dawn calmed down, pulling the dildo out of her ass. After a while, she pulled away from Tina and collapsed in the shower corner. Both were spent, and neither felt all

that clean.

scene break

“So, Tina, what are you doing?”

“I’m off to Eterna to start challenging the gyms,” she said as she buttoned up a clean shirt. “You?”

“The same, but I’m hitting Oreburgh first,” Dawn adjusted her very short skirt.

“Oreburgh? That’s too bad. Oh well, maybe we’ll meet up later on.”

“I hope so.”

And with that, that they left the Pokemon center. Judging by the stares of awe, disgust, and interest they go, they knew they were too loud. Someone cheered as they

neared the door, and they repayed the deal by flipping their skirts up a moment, revealing their bare, gorgeous asses.

They hit the Pokemon center for supplies and some breakfast before reaching the end of their shared path. To the north lay Route 204 and Floarama Town, which

would further lead to Eterna City. To the east was Route 203 and Oreburgh city. They shared an amicable goodbye, about to kiss when a man interrupted them.

“Excuse me, but are you two trainers?”

They pulled apart, looking to see a man of about thirty standing before them, holding an unmarked plastic bag.

“Yeah, why?” Dawn asked.

“Well, I’m an entrepreneur, a gadget maker. I’ve developed a new thing called a Poketch,” he pulled one out of a bag to reveal a sleek, black digital watch with a lot

of buttons and a wider display, probably to fit several gadgets. “And I’m holding a promotion and giving them for free to beginner trainers. It has a touch-screen

interface, several useful programs for trainers, and the capability for new applications to be installed. Are you interested?”

“Yeah,” the two said, approaching.

He took the one he pulled from his bag and handed it to Tina. He stuck his hand in for a second, but couldn’t find one. Curling his brow, he looked in the bag to

confirm. “I’m sorry, I think I’ve run out of the models I was giving away for free. I’m sorry,” he said to Dawn.

“It’s alright,” she said, dejected. She began to turn away and continue on her route.

“Wait. I made this for trainers, and I don’t like letting people down, especially a young girl such as yourself. If you’ll come back to my shop, I can give you one for a

reduced price.”

Dawn thought for a moment. She saw Tina with hers, and wanted one for herself; it looked useful. “Alright, sure.” She joined the man and began west with him.

Eventually, they reached a small storefront, the words “Poketch Company Inc.” on a sign over the door. It showed off several models in different colors and designs,

and small chips, probably with data saved on them.

He unlocked the door and let Dawn in, turning the lights on. “Come with me, please.” He pushed a curtain aside and went into the back room to fetch a poketch. She

followed, coming to a messy room full of boxes and parts. Clearly this was both a stock room and his workshop.

He opened up a sealed box, pulling out a plastic-wrapped poketch in hot pink. “Here you go,” he handed it to Dawn.

“Thanks,” she said, taking it out of the plastic and slipping it on her wrist. “It’s nice. How much do you want for it?”

“It usually runs for 10,000, but my original offer of half price stands.”

Dawn looked down at her feet. 5,000 was all she left home with, and she’d already spent a lot of it.

“You don’t have it, do you?”

“No, sorry.” She took the watch off and handed it back to him.

“Maybe we can work out something different. As I said, I don’t like letting people down. In fact, I think there is something you could do for me. I have this thing

about seeing a girl with cum on her face, so if you can do me a favor, I’ll let you have it for free.”

Dawn smiled, knowing instantly what he wanted. “Sure,” she said as the man sat down and unzipped his pants, revealing a long, hard, thick cock. She sank to her

knees before him, looking in awe at the rod before her. It was bigger than she’d ever seen, definitely longer and thicker than Rowan’s. She opened her mouth and

braced herself, her hot breath making it twitch as she got a good grip on it and took the head into her mouth. She let it sit there for a moment, her tongue swirling

around it before she sank a bit deeper. She continued like this for several minutes, taking a bit more into her mouth and teasing it before continuing on.

“I don’t want foreplay, Dawn, I want you to suck my dry.” He was forceful…and Dawn found that a real turn-on.

She stopped her treatment and began a much more intense one. She bobbed her head quickly up and down, still taking more cock in gradually, but in a much more

direct way. Her hands joined her, one playing with his balls as the other jacked off what her mouth didn’t get to. She put herself to work, and it was paying off.

The poketch creator took a handful of her hair and asserted control, defining her speed for her and letting her neck take a passive role, but letting her hands and

tongue be as active as they could.

Dawn like this submissive blowjob thing and took it in stride, starting to hum away to music in her head to do even more.

He knew he wouldn’t last much longer with this, and began to pound her face harder, intent on covering the little slut in his cream. He bellowed as his legs

weakened and pulled her mouth away, her hand still stroking his base as he came all over her. Rather than cumming in short spurts, his jizz came out in a continuous

stream. It first hit her forehead and continued down her face and to her breast, her handjob jerking his dick side-to-side, spreading it beyond the line. Her face was

the hardest-hit, though, the man’s abnormally potent load coating her face in thick jizz.

“Wow,” he sighed. “That was great.”

Dawn took some on her finger and licked it off. “You’re telling me. You have a towel?”

“Sure,” he said. “Anything after that.”

scene break

Dawn hit Route 203 and took it slow. It wasn’t even mid-morning, and she’d already had two sexual encounters. She had no idea this was what being a trainer would

comprise of; hell, she hadn’t even had a battle yet.

But that changed quickly. There were a lot of trainers on Route 203 trying to prepare for the Oreburgh gym. Her Piplup cleaned the floor with most of them, though.

Most trainers just had Bidoofs or Starlies, nothing even remotely competitive for her Piplup. Her Bidoof also got a good work-out though.

The route also had a good share of wild pokemon. She nabbed a male Abra, Starly, and Shinx, very quickly pumping them up to a level where nobody stood a

chance. It was also good to have her wallet get heavier with each victory.

Then, just as she thought she had a handle on things and pretty much owned the area, he came.

A snobby rich kid, with expensive clothes and bleach-blond hair cut in such a way that even it seemed arrogant. “How fun is it, being a total slut? You only win

because dopey, undersexed kids are too fixated on your body to give orders, and you play to that by wearing your skirt so shirt they can practically see your cunt.”

“Oh yeah?” Dawn said, grabbing Piplup’s pokeball. “Well, if you’re so strong and won’t get fixated by my legs, care to put your money where your mouth is?”

“Damn right. But if I win, I don’t want your money. I have so much that your chump change doesn’t matter. No, if I win, I want you to show me how big a slut you

are and let all my pokemon fuck you.”

At this point, Dawn figured it was win-win. She wins, she gets to shut this asshole up and take his money. She loss, she gets some action. Neither one was that bad.

“Deal. Go, Piplup!” she shouted, throwing her Pokeball to the ground, her star fighter emerging ready for action

“Heh, this is exactly what I mean. You’re using a pathetic pokemon. Go, Slaking!”

“Slaking?” Dawn cried as an immense brute emerged. Without pause or second though, the much stronger Slaking picked up her Piplup and slammed him so hard

into the ground that the battle was over right there.

“Piplup!” she cried, the battered penguin returning to its pokeball. “You bastard, you’re too strong to even be catching pokemon here. You tricked me!”

“You didn’t ask what pokemon I had. Not my fault. Now, are you going to continue, or forfeit?”

“I forfeit,” she sighed.

“Perfect. Now I get to show everyone here how big a whore you are. Machamp, Rhydon, Blaziken!” As he counted them off, the powerful pokemon, all much bigger

than Dawn, approached.

The girl sighed, taking off her dress as a tear rolled down her eye for her Piplup. She was fine, as uncomfortable as it would be, fucking these huge Pokemon, but she

felt bad for her little penguin.

Uncomfortable didn’t begin to describe it. The pokemon took control instantly. Slaking picked her up, impaling the screaming girl in one fell swoop on his dick, which

was by far larger than she could reasonably take. Her screaming continued until the Blaziken stood before her and plugged her mouth with his dick. Machamp went

around back and drove his dick deep into her asshole.

Now it was becoming too much. She had in dicks far too large in both her holes and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. The Blaziken’s rough facefucking didn’t help

matters either; even the dominating poketch creator had some decency, this pokemon was just savage.

With two arms around Dawn tightly, the Machamp played with her little titties with one set while the other grabbed her arms, directing them to their destination, the

Rhydon’s dick. She was now glad the Machamp and Slaking claimed her holes, because the Rhydon would have torn her in half. She couldn’t fit her entire hand

around it, stroking him with both hands in unison.

Trainers gathered to see this sight; four pokemon regarded as quite large, all fucking this girl savagely. A fair share were trainers Dawn had earlier defeated and saw

this as her comeuppance. Others just found it really hot. One guy and even run over to the trainer school, and all the students left in the middle of a lesson to come

watch. They were amazed that for the second straight day, Dawn was, out in public, having a grand sexual spectacle.

What shocked Dawn the most was that, despite being reamed by four pokemon bigger than what she could comfortably take, losing the match, her Piplup being defeated so badly, and all that…she beginning to enjoy it. Not in a small way, like with the poketch creator, but in a big way. After all those hours with Tina, the only things inside her tongues, fingers, and a dildo, this was an experience that shook the very core of her sexual being, and she was starting to like it, even if they were so inconsiderate and treated her like a rag doll with a pussy.

But, for a rag doll with a pussy, she sure was good. And tight. All four pokemon grew more intense as time drew on. Rhydon began to thrust in complement with Dawn’s hands, Blaziken drove his meat all the way in and wouldn’t let it be any other way, and both Machamp and Slaking fucked her even rougher, her hot pussy and tight little asshole clenching around their cocks.

Dawn tried as best she could to keep up with it. She finally got over the pain and was really enjoying it, bucking her hips back and forth to meet the Slaking and Machamp, dragging her hands faster over the Rhydon’s thick, tense dick, and doing everything she could think of to switch things up for the Blaziken.

It all became too much for everyone involved. The Machamp came first, and did he ever. As with other Machamps, he cam like a six-shooter, shooting several veritable loads in her ass and, while he pulled out, all over her back and legs. Then the Slaking, roaring as his load came, shooting forward with such force that Dawn actually had to fight to stay on his dick, cum spraying out her pussy in the small space between her inner walls and the dick. Blaziken came next, pulling out as his steaming hot, red-tinted cum that tasted of hot peppers blasted the girl completely, from her hair to her legs. And finally, the Rhydon. Oh, the Rhydon…his cum was extremely thick, like syrup, and his cock waved around as it shot off, getting most of her front.

All this set off Dawn in an orgasm so powerful she shook as the Slaking pulled her off and placed her on the ground. There she lay, naked, covered in huge loads from four different pokemon, and onlookers all over.

“Wow. Thanks, my pokemon have gone so long without a whore they really did a number on you.”He called his team back to their pokeballs. “The name’s Trey, and I’m sure we’ll meet again,” he smirked, walking off.

But Dawn didn’t care, lying in the sun as it still rose, not bothering to hide her breasts or pussy from the crowd or clean up. All she could think about was if she could call Tina over for another shower.

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