My partner the Gardevoir

‘Way to go, Gardevoir!’ I shouted as her Psybeam knocked down my opponent’s Machamp. The muscled Pokйmon was sent flying, and then he hit the ground. Lumps of the moist ground moved as the huge body landed.
‘Gardevoir!’ she said happily. Then she looked at me again. I always saw how similar to a woman she was. Her anatomy was almost the same, what made her really interesting. I could not help myself but to think Gardevoir was the missing link between Pokйmon and human.
‘Well done’ my opponent said to me after he withdrew his Machamp. ‘You’ve raised your Gardevoir well. I’ve never seen such a strong Gardevoir as her. Do you want to trade it?’
‘Off course I won’t!’ I replied immediately. Gardevoir wasn’t just my Pokйmon; she was also my best friend. Our bond was unbreakable. No way that I would even think about replacing her. Since the moment I got her, we can even communicate by thoughts. Why would I do something as horrible to her as trading her?
‘Trade me’ Gardevoir’s voice said in my mind. ‘When you got his Pokйmon, I’ll teleport back to you.’
‘No, I can’t do that. That would be stealing. No, you are the only Pokйmon I want.’ I saw that she was blushing. At least, I thought I saw her blushing, but she turned away her head before I could see it clearly.
‘…Thank you’

It started raining, so Gardevoir and I ran to the nearest Pokйmon Centre. Gardevoir insisted on teleporting, but she lost too much strength in the last battle. She thought she could handle it, but I had to stop her from exhausting herself any more.
We were soaking wet when we arrived at the Pokйmon Centre in the centre of the city. Panting we walked in, leaving a track of rain. We headed to Nurse Joy, who was checking something on her computer.
‘I’m sorry to bother you’ I said. ‘But can we borrow some towels?’
The pink-haired lady looked at me and my Gardevoir, who stood next to me. She told us to wait where we were, and she disappeared to get some towels. It took not mu uch more than a minute, but every second I waited, I realised that the bond between Gardevoir and me was faint.
I looked at my Pokйmon. She was panting heavily and she was trying not to collapse. I grabbed her hand, and I called the nurse. Suddenly, the towels weren’t as necessary as before. The health of my Gardevoir was the only thing that mattered.
‘Please don’t shout, there are more people here than just you’ she said. She looked a bit angry at first, but when she saw Gardevoir, she was shocked. She apologized for reacting that angry, and she brought Gardevoir to the operation chamber.
There I sat. I waited for nurse Joy to return with an update about Gardevoir’s health. I tried to contact her, but the only way we could communicate by thoughts, was when Gardevoir used her psychic powers to penetrate my mind. From that point she could talk to me and vice versa.
Somehow, worrying about her made me think about the moment I met her. It was a few years ago when I was wandering through the woods. I heard some screaming and I made haste to see what was going on. I found a scared Kirlia, surrounded by three aggressive looking Mightyena. Kirlia was crying and I saw she was wounded. I wanted to do something, but I was scared too. But then a rock caught my attention. I grabbed it and threw it towards the Mightyena, but I missed. Although I planned on hurting the wild Pokйmon, they were distracted by the flying rock. I ran to the Kirlia, and left before the Mightyena could find me. From that moment, Kirlia was always besides me.
We trained a lot, actually. We trained really hard. Not only at battling, but at psychic communication too. And once upon a day we were battling against another Pokйmontrainer, she suddenly evolved into a breathtaking beauty of a Gardevoir. I didn’t want to lose her.
‘She’s okay’ nurse Joy told me. My body felt lighter than before. I was happy to hear that my only Pokйmon’s life wasn’t in danger anymore.
‘Can I see her?’ I asked. The only thing I wanted to do, was seeing my beloved Pokйmon. As soon as nurse Joy nodded, I rushed into the operation chamber.
There she lay down on bed. Her head slowly turned to me. Gardevoir was smiling, and I opened my mind so she could talk to me.
‘How are you feeling?’ I asked when I noticed she could hear me.
‘I’m fine, I think… No, I’m sure of it. I’m feeling okay!’
‘I’m sorry I didn’t notice your suffering earlier’ I said.
‘It wasn’t your fault. I was hiding it.’
‘Why would you hide it?’
‘I didn’t want you to be worried… I feel stupid now. I made you even more worried.’
‘Don’t sweat it, Gardevoir, you’re fine now, and that’s what is the most important issue’ I said. Then I looked at the nurse, who obviously couldn’t hear a single word of our conversation. It would be stranger if she could. ‘How long does she need to stay here?’
‘Well, she can come with you again tonight, but it’ll be wise not to battle until next week. She might have trouble with that’ nurse Joy explained. I looked at Gardevoir. She must have been really injured if medical help couldn’t let her fight for a whole week.
‘I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to get hurt unnecessarily, we’ll take it easy next week’ I said to Gardevoir, who flashed a grin.
‘I think that would be better’ she answered. She was not really pleased to hear that. I could see it in the way she sighed and started to stare to the ceiling.
‘Maybe it’s a good idea to spend the night here’ nurse Joy suggested.
‘Yes! Do that!’ Suddenly Gardevoir was full with excitement.
‘Since when are you that enthusiastic about getting a room in a Pokйmon Centre?’ I asked her.
‘It’s just that I haven’t done that yet. We always slept in a tent or in the open air. I want to experience this.’
‘If you want this, then we’ll do that!’ I said. I nodded to nurse Joy. ‘I think that’ll be good.’

That night we were sitting in our room, me and my Gardevoir, sitting on the couch watching television.
‘You know’ Gardevoir suddenly said. ‘When the nurse treated me, I realised something.’
‘And what was that?’
‘I came to realise that you were always there to help me.’
‘That’s only natural.’
‘Even when I was unconscious, I felt something. I like you.’
‘I like you too, Gardevoir.’
‘No, I mean… Really like you’ Her hand touched my shoulder. Somewhat surprised, I looked into her red eyes, which came closer. Her whole head was moving towards me. Her voice was still in my head. ‘Let me…’
Gardevoir’s mouth reached mine. She pressed her lips against my mouth, and started kissing me. Her tongue went inside my mouth and started exploring. I could feel her warmth as she touched my tongue with hers. I closed my eyes. It felt so good… But wait! It was a Pokйmon that was kissing me. It was wrong to do that. I pushed her back. She stared at me. She was blushing and a bit confused.
‘Was it bad?’ she asked.
‘I-I don’t think it’s good for a human and a Pokйmon to do something like this!’ I said. I said it aloud, not in my mind. My thoughts were a complete chaos at that moment.
‘Maybe you’re right…’ Gardevoir replied. ‘It’s wrong to do something like kissing. I’m sorry. I’m so embarrassed…’ Tears appeared in her eyes, and she turned away her head. I sought words to say to her, but I couldn’t find the right words.
‘We should forget about this’ I said. Gardevoir looked at me again.
‘Do you think I could forget about my feelings?’ she asked. There was anger in her voice. ‘Do you really think I could forget about the fact that I love you?’
‘No…’ I said. ‘I don’t think you can. Neither can I suppress my love for you, Gardevoir.’ Now it was her turn to be surprised. Although she could read my mind freely, I’ve hidden my true feelings. I was afraid that she would feel uneasy when she found out, but now I knew about her feelings…
‘But if you love me, why can’t we-?’
‘Imagine that someone would notice’ I said.
‘We’re here in a locked room. Believe me, no one will ever find out.’
‘You sure about that?’
‘Yes… I’m absolutely sure about that.’
We were silent for a few minutes. We even didn’t speak through thoughts. It were minutes in which we were only gazing at each other. Words didn’t fit in this moment. I felt something I hadn’t felt before. I had the burning desire to kiss her again, to taste her again. I wanted to feel that feeling again when she kissed me. Although she was a Pokйmon, she was so much like a normal girl.
It was like she was reading me again, because she came closer. She grabbed my face gently with both hands, and pressed her soft lips against my mouth. We were kissing again. Her mouth on mine. Her tongue was playing with mine. I closed my eyes as I let her take the control.
Our tongues were gently wrestling with each other. I tasted her mouth, her tongue, her breath. It was making me excited. I put my arms around her to get her body closer to me. I felt something in my pants. My cock was getting hard because of this. This was not what I wanted. Yes, I loved her, but getting sexual interest about a Pokй…
Gardevoir stopped kissing. She looked at me in a way I haven’t seen her looking before. The way she looked at me was a bit mischievous. Did that mean-? No! She couldn’t have found out already!
‘Oh my, it seems that things have gotten out of control’ she laughed. It was a nervous laughing, what made feel me even more excited. She was so cute when she acted innocent. I almost couldn’t hold myself.
She let her green right hand slid down my chest, and she looked me in the eyes. Her hand went lower and lower, until it reached my jeans. I started to get nervous. We just said kissing each other was okay, but-
‘Calm down’ she said. She was smiling to me. ‘Everything will be alright. Leave everything to Gardevoir.’ She opened my jeans, and her hand went inside my pants. As soon as she stroke my hard cock, I came. It wasn’t my intention, but the excitement was too big for me. My pants felt sticky as she returned her hand outside my pants.
At the same time we looked at the hand that had just left my pants. It was covered with my cum.
‘I-I’m sorry’ I panted. ‘It didn’t intent to-‘ Gardevoir didn’t let me finish. She laid a finger from her clean hand on my lips.
‘It doesn’t matter. Really’ she said. She licked the hand which was covered with my semen. She licked all of it, until her hand was clean again.
‘G-Gardevoir…’ I uttered. Gardevoir got from the couch, and she sat down on her knees by my legs.
‘Your pants must feel uncomfortable, right?’ she asked mischievously. Her hands grabbed my pants, and pulled it down. Normally I would stop her, but somehow I couldn’t get myself to it. It was as if I wanted her to do that. I was really letting her undress me. Was I really that perverted, or did I had sexual interest in my Gardevoir.
Gardevoir looked at my dick, which was hard again. Even though it was covered with cum, she took it in her hand.
‘I may have no experience in this, but it looks like you’re still good to go… Do you want me to make you feel good?’ she said.
‘Yes!’ I said it before I was conscious of what I said. I saw how Gardevoir opened her mouth and licked the cum from my dick.
‘So this is what you taste like, hm?’ she asked, while licking. ‘I wonder how it feels to have it in my mouth.’ Gardevoir sucked on the tip of my rock-solid cane. I closed my eyes after I saw her closing her beautiful red eyes, which were full of lust. She sucked it such a wonderful way. I hadn’t any sexual experience before, and now I got it from my own Pokй- No, she was not only my Pokйmon. She was more to me. She was my partner.
Steadily she took more of my dick in her mouth. Her tongue began playing with the tip, while she sucked harder. Her head was moving wildly, and I started to moan.
‘Am I doing it good?’ she asked in my head.
‘It feels great!’ I had trouble not to shout. No one must ever know about what was happening in this room.
Gardevoir kept on sucking. I placed my hand on the back of her head, and stimulated the moving. Her big red eyes looked at me. It looked immensely cute to see her watching me from below, while she gave me a perfect blowjob.
‘I think it’s time for us to do it like we should as being lovers’ Gardevoir said. When she saw how I reacted – surprised and a bit confused – she giggled. She pulled my cock out of her mouth. A thread of spittle connected it with her tongue.
‘W-What do you mean?’ I asked.
‘You don’t know yet?’ she asked me, giggling. ‘Let’s make it even more exciting. I shouldn’t use my moves, but you know, I can handle this.’ She smiled at me, and disappeared.
‘Gardevoir?’ I asked. I was surprised that she would teleport.
‘Don’t worry’ her voice said in my head. ‘I’m not leaving. I just hid myself somewhere in this room. If you can find me, I have a surprise for you. Search in a place where you would expect me to be.’
So she was playing games with me. I already knew where to look, I had an idea of where she was. I ran to the bedroom. When I switched on the light, I saw Gardevoir lying in bed. Her legs were spread, and the dress-like part was pulled up. I could see what I didn’t expect to see. Gardevoir was showing me her womanhood.
‘Do you like what you see?’ she asked. ‘Do me a favour, put that rod of yours in me. I desire to feel you inside of me.’
‘I can’t, I will make you p-‘
‘I can’t get pregnant because of you’ Gardevoir laughed. ‘I’m still a Pokйmon, you dummy.’
I got it. I could do everything I would do to a human girl, but without having to worry about getting her pregnant. I headed to the bed. I laid next to her. That night would be a night I wouldn’t forget.

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  1. cody says:

    nice story i always thought gardivoir was hot

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome story!!! Really liked it and look forward to more stories in the future.

  3. E says:

    Awesome story. Part 2?

  4. No name says:

    I got a boner  lol

  5. Johnathan Arnett says:

    Loved the story really interesting looking forward to a part 2 think you could do it? Do I think Gardevoir are hot? Yes yes I do I think that Gardevoir is a really human like pokemon but they’re more than pokemon they should be some trainers partners like sexual partners even if they battle other pokemon that still doesn’t mean they can’t suck your cock or have sex with you. If someone made a game where you could do that..I’d buy it. Well now I’m at my conclusion “The next time you see a Gardevoir think twice about what it could do to you or you to it.” Sincerely Johnathan Arnett.

  6. Kdinne says:

    Really good story I luv gardevoir stories try to make more gardevoir stories plz make more

  7. pokeman says:

    If only this kind of stuff could be put into a pokemon rpg…yes that would be nice

    • Nathan N says:

      Well, that depends on if you mean an RPG video game or a RPG like d20. We play a Pokemon D&D game and in it, my trainer is a Poke Rights Activist who is in love with his Gardevoir and the two of them ARE lovers, just like in this wonderful story.

  8. The Unnamed Guy says:

    Please make part two of this. the story is awesome and I would love an part 2 !

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