Pokecest 1: Sex Ed part 2

Misty licked Ash’s cum off her finger’s as Ash’s mom began to speak. “Oh Ash you have to learn to hold it in longer, anyway on to the next lesson. I’m going to show you how to pleasure Misty.” Misty giggled excitedly. Ash’s mom softly sat on Misty’s bare knee, moving her hand seductively up and down it. Misty’s tongue stuck out like a happy dog. Ash’s mom slowly unzipped Misty’s shorts and pulled them down to her feet. She then put her hand on her white panties and slowly rubbed her pussy underneath, gradually increasing speed before putting her tongue on the now wet panties. Misty moaned. Ash’s mom slowly pulled Misty’s panties down and kissed her knee, then kissing her thigh. Ash looked on In excitement. Getting closer and closer to Misty’s adorable moist pussy. As Ash’s mom finally kissed her pussy she moaned loudly and bit her lower lip. She kept moaning as Ash’s mom’s tongue went up and down her pussy. “Ash, you try.” Said Ash’s mom. Ash knelt down in front of Misty and licked the cum dripping from her cunt. Misty kept grunting and moaning as Ash’s tongue darted in and out of her vagina until finally Misty let out a big moan and cum raced out of her pussy. Ash lapped it up with his tongue. “Very good ash!” Said his mom who was fingering her pussy underneath the revealing nurse costume she put on earlier. “Before you leave ash, you need to fuck my pussy.” She said un-buttoning her nurse’s costume and sitting on the couch. Ash knelt down in front of her and pushed his dick up against her pussy. “But don’t cum in my pussy, cum in my ass! Your not getting me pregnant” She said with a stern face. Ash nodded and continued on pushing his dick deeper and deeper into her cunt. She moaned and pulled him towards her so her bouncing boobs pressed up against him. “Im gonna cum!” He shouted. Ash’s mom tturned around and stretched her but hole. Ash pushed his dick into it hard. She screamed. So did Misty who was masturbating on the other side of the couch. Ash pushed one more time before jizzing all over his mom’s ass. Ash’s mom tried to catch her breath before saying, “That was great Ash, your just like your father!” Misty patted him on the back with another hand still fingering her own pussy. “we should go Ash, we don’t want to keep the professor waiting.” Said Misty. Ash nodded and they both pulled up there pants to leave. “and Misty . . . make sure he masturbates at least twice a day to practice holding it in.” said ash’s mom. Misty nodded and Ash gave his mom a big long kiss on the lips. “You too slut.” Said Ash’s mom, Misty giggled and also gave Ash’s mom a big kiss. “What about you, no ones going to be here to fuck you?” asked ash. Ash’s mom smiled. “no it’s alright, I’ve got my Machoke Pokemon, they have huge dicks!” She replied. They all smiled and Ash and Misty departed on their first Pokemon adventure, with pickahu of course who was oblivious to all the incest before, until later.

End of Episode 1

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