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Pokemon Porn Story: "Payback"

€œASH! Don€™t use water gun, it€™s a€- Too late, the water was shot and the enemy ElectroBuzz immanently Shot a current through it, shocking Ash€˜s Water type Poke€™mon.€ASH!!!€ yelled misty, €œWhen WILL YOU LEARN??? WATER CANT WIN IF IT€™S FACING ELETRIY!!!€ €œOh€¦sorry misty,€ said ash, €œI promise I wont forget again.€

€œGood now€¦HEY! THAT€™S SARCASIM!€ €œTook you a while didn€™t it?€ as he snickered away. Ash paid the trainer the money they had bet on, 20$.

Though they had been traveling for almost 4 years, ash still had much to do. Though some of his Pokemon had evolved, most had not.

€œIts starting to get dark guys€¦€ Proclaimed Brock, €œLet€™s find a place to camp and Eat!€

Ash and Misty Agreed. They were about 3 days walk from the next gym and though he has 18 badges, he still is finding more gyms to face.

As they set up camp in a remote clearing, the night fell upon them. It was dark except for the lighted moon hovering over them. Ash sent out his Chariaezred to make a fire, he got fresh water from war turtle (or what ever the fucking thing is) he sent out Bulbasour to get wood and soon they had themselves a little camp going.

Soon tents where set up, along with sleeping bags and other amenities.

At the campfire€¦

€œI€™m going to take a shit€ announced brock. €œOk brock, that€™s awesome to know, good luck€ answered Ash sarcastically. As Brock left, the two long friends sat in silence as the yellow monster called fire crackled. After much silence misty spoke,€ Ash, how long have we been walking€¦€ asked misty. €œI€™d say maybe 2 days, so that makes 3 days till the next gym€ Answered ash. €œNo ash! Not that, I meant how long for these 3 long years?€ said misty, annoyed. €œYou mean 4 right?€ corrected ash, misty answered Continue reading

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